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My name is Lourdes Galang, a full time entrepreneur who never stops looking for ways on how to make money while at home doing the things that I love and being with my family. I used to be a call center agent and has worked for several  Call Center companies here in the Philippines for almost 2 years before I went to London to study Masters degree in  Marketing and at the same time worked part time. I was able to bring my husband and my son in London and we stayed there for 5 years. My husband and I took several jobs to save money as fast as we can because I wanted to go back here in the Philippines in 4 years time. We were fortunate enough to be blessed with jobs that gave us basic pay and commissions.  I worked there as a Sales Consultant of a big company, the Carphone Warehouse while my husband worked at Marriott Hotels as a Concierge. We were able to buy our own house at Citta Italia and saved money to put up our own business.

After we got back here in the Philippines, I was so excited at the thought that I will be putting up my own business and that I was no longer an employee. I will dictate my own time, my own paycheck.  Our first business venture was food cart business which was a tragic failure. It only took us 4 months to operate and we decided to close down operations (click here for the related story). I know for some, you might be saying that it was such a short time to make that decision that most entrepreneurs dread which is admitting defeat and accepting the fact that the business is going nowhere. But if you are running out of savings and incurring more losses financially and emotionally, then you might be the first one to say to stop and look for another business opportunity.

And so that’s what I did. After such painful and traumatic experience with our first business venture and losing a huge part of our savings, I never stopped looking for business opportunities. And you know what I have learned? I have learned to have multiple streams of income.  Multiple streams of income means having different sources of income from different kinds of businesses.  I know some will say that you should focus in doing just one business but if you try to do a little research, those who are making a lot of money knows how to make income from several businesses. Just think about it, if you invest or look for just one business opportunity and it does not succeed for so many reasons, you will be left heartbroken and confused on what to do next just like what happened to us. But if you have several businesses, and if one of them is not doing good, it wouldn’t be as bad as it would be if you only had that one business to depend on as your source of income. After all, you have other sources that is giving you a good income.

I know you get my point. And I want to share with you some of the sources for my multiple streams of income. I hope you find one of them something that you might want to do or might be helpful for you in the future once you are ready to take charge of your life. It’s not easy just like what we experienced but it has been a good journey and we have learned a lot of lesson from it.

Bo Sanchez Truly Rich Club - I love his teachings of not just about creating wealth but creating spiritual abundance while following God’s Teachings. You can get a free copy of his E-Book : My Maid Invests in Stock Market and Why You Should Too! You will learn a lot from him.

Supreme Wealth Alliance- I like this business opportunity. You get to download more than 2,000 E-books  about business, sales, network marketing, parenting, marriage and then earn as  P5k-P10k per week while at home by using the internet to promote the E-books and business opportunity.

My Jinga Juice- I value health as much as I value wealth. This business opportunity helps me to achieve a healthy lifestyle  and gave me a good business opportunity to promote good health for everyone. You can do this opportunity while at home, our team can certainly help you.

Affiliate Marketing- I get to earn by doing what I love best which is writing and promoting companies that I am affiliated with.

Web Design – This is my husband’s passion. He loves making images and websites for business so if you are looking to start your own online business and if you need help in putting up your own website or images needed for your facebook pages, we can help you.

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