Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Richard Yap: Chowking Chef?

Who watches Be Careful With My Heart? If you do, just wondering if you know that Richard Yap was the former chef of some of the Chowking commercials a few years back.

Oh well, most of you who knows this must be laughing at me right now but it's okay, haha, I had to laugh at myself as well. I honestly had no idea who Richard Yap is. I just find him cute when he was still doing My Binondo Girl but I did not find his role cute.

And because I am so addicted to Be Careful with My Heart, I even had to start researching about him. Funny right, suddenly you get interested to someone you don't really know but because you keep on watching them everyday or from Monday to Friday, you get so curious about them.

My husband actually made a wild guess when we saw the new Chowking commercial featuring Richard Yap and it was like a big pronouncement coming from him that it is Richard Yap. I always contradict him just for the sake of contradicting him, hehe, and he was so persistent that I had to do my research. Well, thanks for google and you tube for giving us the answers.

Now I know more about him.Thanks to the new Chowking commercial.

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