Tuesday, December 3, 2013

A Tale Like No Other Than Be Careful With My Heart

When I was still single, I always had those moments where I'd dream about being married and portraying the role of a wife. Obviously when you are dreaming, one thing is for sure, you dream of the nice things that you could think of being a wife such as being well taken cared of by your husband and pampered with love.

I would imagine myself waking up every morning watching my husband as he sleeps then cooking breakfast for him. I would also imagine sweet moments with him before going to sleep and hugging each other so tight while talking about everything that happened for that day. That marriage bliss that you thought will never go away as you are always happy to do things for him and that everything is just so perfect!

Guess what, I found myself in Maya's shoes when I watched their episode of Be Careful With My Heart last November 29,2013.

I could see myself in her shoes a few years back when I was still imagining things about being married and playing the role of a wife. Almost everything that I imagined how a married life should be, being a wife and being with my husband in our own house was truly depicted in this episode. And I could not help it but smile while watching this episode. I just felt how she must have felt with every overwhelming moments of being married. I'm sure most women will agree to such kind of feeling and most of us has dreamt of such an almost perfect wedding, honeymoon and marriage altogether because in reality, it's not that simple to have such kind of marriage.

Watching the scenes on this episode just makes me feel so good and it makes me go back to how I wanted so much to have a fairy tale wedding just like Richard and Maya's wedding as well as their happily ever after. Of course, not every woman gets the chance of having such kind of love story though some may have had the same experience as Maya, but its good to know that even with these Teleserye, you are given hope. 

A hope that such kind of happy ever after can be achieved in a marriage if you choose to work on it. There are so many values that a married couple can learn from this episode of Be Careful with my Heart. Aside from the "kilig moments", there are also traits of what a husband should be and what a wife should be that has been relatively shown.It made me realize that being in a marriage for 10 years, sometimes you tend to forget your role as a wife to your husband expecting that your husband should be pleasing you with all the attention that you need.

I think in this episode, it was clearly shown how Maya and Richard appreciates each other and show it in a way that they are able to respect each other's opinion. Being respected and being appreciated is two different things in a marriage and if both exists, what a harmonious relationship you could have in a marriage. Maya respects Richard being the husband but Richard also respects Maya as her wife allowing her to make decisions which Richard willingly follows as a sign of his love for Maya. There is no such thing as "I am the man so I am the Boss and you being the wife has to follow me". 

I think that is the greatest love a man can offer to his wife, respecting her decisions because that is what makes her happy and seeing your wife happy makes you the happiest husband. #justsaying

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