Wednesday, February 20, 2013

How I got addicted to Instagram

I love reading articles, news, gossip or call it whatever you like but it's like an addiction for me to know the latest scoop in town.

I could spend like the whole day just reading news and articles especially about local celebrities here in the Philippines. It's quite funny though that I got interested opening an Instagram account because I keep on seeing celebrities posting pictures on Instagram and I wanted to know more or maybe see more of their photos. 

You know you get that feeling that you get involve with their lives by knowing more of what they are doing, wearing, what's happening to them plus you get the latest buzz or controversy just by lurking on twitter and instagram. I mean most controversies or news now comes from social networking sites such as facebook, twitter and instagram.

But what's really good about following them on these social networking sites is that you are able to interact with them because you can start a conversation with them directly through twitter and instagram and if they are kind enough, they do answer questions coming from their fans.

I'm sure fans feel rewarded once they are mentioned by the local celebrities they idolize even just on a comment or a retweet. It makes a feel recognized. I also love that idea.

How social networking has revolutionized everything. Now every fan or avid follower has a chance to get to know more of the celebrity they adore. 

In return, celebrities also has to be careful dealing with their fans on social networking sites, fans have such a great impact, they can either make you or break you.

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