Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Bo Sanchez: Powerhouse Interview By Mel Tiangco

I have always read his books way back when I was in College as I have mentioned with my previous blogs and I find his teachings about God being relevant to everyday life. I guess that's how I became his fan and most of the time, I find time to read his blogs, watch his videos and listen to his audios that help me develop my spiritual growth, self development and even with my financial understanding.

Now I just want to share with you this video to get to know more about Brother Bo Sanchez. When I heard of his story, I was really shocked and I kept on thinking, did I read it right or did I understand what I just read? Is it really what it is? Did it really happen to him? And then you will soon realize the question, how did he overcome it and even became a success in inspiring other people who are also struggling in life?

If you want to know all the answers to these questions, theres is only one way to find out. Watch the video and you'll soon find out.

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