Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Those Days When a Woman Gets Her Period!

For every woman out there who suffers from dysmenorrhea or menstrual pains such as headaches, leg cramps, stomach pains which I'm sure every woman who experiences this knows what I am talking about, I just can't help but wonder on how does a woman gets through it especially when while at work?

This came into my mind while I was on our way to Jinga Juice office to get some checks for my downlines in my network marketing business. After getting the checks from the office, we went straight to ATC in Alabang to eat our lunch at Pancake House then ran some errands of depositing the checks of my downlines then went home. That's how I scheduled my day since I was not feeling good because of my period. 

My husband was driving and while I was sitting down at the passenger's seat feeling the leg cramps since I had my period at that time, I cannot help but think, how uncomfortable it would have been if I had to commute going to work with a period and having all the symptoms of dysmenorrhea? I can't imagine how my day would look like if I had to work in an office for 8 hours or more than that. That's why I'm thankful that I chose to be in this business where I am now. Being in the network marketing industry allows me to set my own schedule whenever I want to work and if I have days like this where I have my period and not feeling good about it, I can just set a schedule that will be comfortable to me. So it's not a problem with me when I have what you call "Those Days" where you just don't feel like moving around. 

I salute all women who are able to endure such pain while at work and be at their best in performing their duties.  I remember when I was still an employee, I would normally absent myself if I had those days with my period because I just can't literally take the pain of working while I had dysmenorrhea. Seriously, I can't imagine now being in such a situation like that. I'm sure all that you would want when you are in such state is to rest until the pain goes away. But what can you do if you have no choice but to do your duties at work and your boss will not allow you to go absent? #justsaying

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