Monday, February 4, 2013

Join Me....

I have always loved writing. My mind is just so full of words that needs to be written every minute of the day. From simple things about family, life, stories, experiences, shopping, travelling, career, work and love, I just have so many things to write about.

So I decided to start this blog to capture all the thoughts in my mind, let it be spoken and be read by people who also love anything about life.

I want to share all the experiences I have in my life that might teach a valuable lesson to those who will stumble upon it. I want to tell the stories of how it is to be a mother, wife and at the same time a child still to my parents.

Join me as well as I share with you the places I would love to visit, the food that I want to eat or restaurants I have visited with my family. Find ideas about shopping, choosing the right clothes and learn with me while looking for the hottest fashion trends in town. Share with me your personal triumphs and success as we all journey into life.

Work hard and aim for success as we travel along the road to financial and time freedom. Together with this blog, I want us all to enjoy the ride as we embark on several, different roads that will both lead us to what we truly are looking for in our lives...

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