Monday, February 4, 2013

Two, Three, Four or More Kids?

I am so blessed to have three children at the moment. I have one boy, my eldest and two daughters , my second and third. My husband wants another boy and we're still on a debate about it.

I wanted to have four kids when I haven't given birth yet, but, after giving birth to my eldest, I thought to myself,I'm fine with just one child. After all, I am an only child as well. For some mothers who has easy pregnancy and easy labor, I'm sure they wouldn't think twice of having another child from the moment they see their child and they experience the joy of motherhood. But as for me, having experienced morning sickness and not being able to eat any food at all except green mango, experiencing the pain of labor and delivery, it really traumatised me getting pregnant again.

But change really is the most permanent thing in this world. When my son turned 4 years old and at that time, we were living in London, he was so persistent in telling us that he wants to have a baby sister. He was asking for it like as if its a ready made food that can be easily prepared on the table. And he never stopped from asking and it was quite understandable why he was looking for a baby sister,he did not have a playmate when he's just inside our house. It was not easy to live in London, to joggle work to make money, take care of your kid and husband, do family chores and most of the time, you can't even have time for yourself.

I felt my son's longingness to have a playmate. Having experienced being an only child, I know it was unfair for my son not to give him the chance of having a brother or a sister that he can play with, share emotions with and grow up with knowing that he has someone to lean on during rough times which sometimes he can't share with us, his parents.

To cut the story short, we ended up having three kids right now. Who knows if we might decide to add another one in the family but not too soon though...hehe.

Many people especially my mother says it's hard to raise a child these days, let alone feed them and give them a good life. But as the saying goes, "if there's a will, there's a way!" which for me applies in all aspects of life. If you decide to raise three, four or more kids, then, better find a way to give them the life they deserve and provide them everything that they need. No excuses at all.

I think its the joy that parenthood brings that makes you want to have more kids. Regardless of the economic status or difficulties pregnancy may bring, we cannot change the fact that once the baby is born, it erases all doubts and fears, just pure love and contentment of having another bundle of joy.

Yes, having a child is surely the most beautifully irrational act that two people in love can commit.  ~Bill Cosby,Fatherhood

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