Saturday, February 9, 2013

Kung Hei Fat Choi: New Year New Life

While the Filipino and Chinese community is celebrating their New Year, it's not to late then to think of what we want to happen this year of the Snake.

While many believe with Feng Shui, which I am a believer as well, it also takes a huge effort on the standards that you have set yourself to make this new year.

This video from Anthony Robins is one of the tools that I use to help me motivate myself into proving everything that I want to be.

I watch this video every morning to remind myself to keep on raising my standards to create a lasting change that I want to happen for myself.

You can find other videos of Anthony Robbins in the net and you can choose which motivational videos you would want to use to encourage you and remind you of what you have set for this year to happen for yourself.

Make things happen for you and for the people that you want to help for you can only help other people if you are able to help yourself.

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