Friday, February 22, 2013

Oh Internet Connection, Why So Slow?

I totally hate slow internet connection! It's quite frustrating when you are working into something and you want to really finish it fast but the internet connection is just too slow,thus, it slows your work and productivity as well. 

I'm not too sure if that situation is only here in the Philippines coz I swear, when we were in London, the internet connection was really fast or maybe because we were so near to the link exchange box  that might have affected the speed of internet connection. But even so, I know a lot can relate to what I'm saying here. Seriously, the technology here in the Philippines, is quite slow.

Other countries have been enjoying FREE WIFI to almost every places like hotels, restaurants, public places like years ago and it's like here in our country, it's only now that we are enjoying some of it coz literally not every place is WIFI ready or if it is, have to pay for it.

And one more thing, I could say that the mobile contracts or postpaid plans from the three networks here really sucks big time. The plan itself and the mobile phones available, well what can I say? Having worked at Carphonewarehouse while I was in London as one of the Sales Consultants selling mobile phone contracts and broadband plans, I cannot even begin to compare.

We sell mobile phone contracts with free phones which are really damn good and top of the lines with call and text messages that comes free within the plan. Anyway you can visit their site and see what I'm talking about but you might get confused how their plans work if you want to compare it with the plans being offered by Smart, Globe and Sun. You can drop a comment or email me at if you want to know more about it.

Well, my rant has simply gone a long way...hahaha. All I wanted to say is that our internet connection really sucks and it's really really frustrating if it can't keep up with the speed of my mind when its working, ahaha!

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