Tuesday, March 26, 2013

FAIL Means First Attempt In Learning

Do you feel like a Failure? Do you have that feeling like everything you seem to do is a failure?

I did, most of the time I felt like every decision I make is a failure. That's what most people who are around me keeps telling me everytime I make a bad decision that results into failures until you get to that certain point where you no longer want to do anything because of  fear of failing. Even if you still want to stand up and keep on fighting until you reach the success you want to have, you just get stuck doing nothing. 

It is so hard to be in such situation and to feel being a failure. Most of us look at failure as simply being unsuccessful with our goals and dreams which makes us to not feel good about ourselves.

But you know what, we can look ate the word FAIL in a different way. According to Bo Sanchez' inspirational video, FAIL means First Attempt In Learning. Is it not a good way to look at failing, that everytime you fail, it is your attempt to learn how to do things successfully and the right way. What's important is that you keep on standing up every failure because you are learning.

Watch this video and learn more:

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