Monday, March 25, 2013

I Have Joined Truly Rich Club!

When I was in college, being an avid reader, I would always go to National Bookstore and buy several books about life, love, spiritual growth or any book that I would find interesting to read. For me, reading inspires me a lot. I get to learn a lot of things that I'm sure I wouldn't learn about it until I get to experience it.

Now, one of the books that I have collected was from Bo Sanchez. I love reading his books and I learned a lot from his books. Well, some of his teachings I was able to apply but for some reason, sometimes I just felt stubborn not to follow his teachings even if I know it makes sense to follow it. 

But when I went to London, obviously, there is no National Bookstore there so I was not able to buy his books anymore. Still,  I have it in my heart some of the teachings I have learned by reading his books and it was like it was already installed in my beliefs.

And now that I'm back here in the Philippines, I was so happy to read Bo Sanchez' books again. Well, thanks to the internet world, I did not have to go to the National Bookstore anymore because I can read his books through the internet, follow his blogs and watch his videos online that nourishes my soul everyday.
Not only that, he now preaches about money, how to create wealth and live in spiritual abundance. He also teaches about investing in stocks just as how he taught his helpers. You can download a copy of his free E-book My Maid Invests in Stock Market. I said to myself, wow! This is such an upgrade from what I was used to before and it is good thing. You know, if there is one thing that has not changed in me, it is my love for reading books, learning more and growing more through reading.

So if you are looking for books or e-books to help you in so many ways or you are looking for a mentor that will guide you in creating financial freedom, you can subscribe to his Truly Rich Club and learn a lot.

I just subscribed to his Truly Rich Club and it's been an amazing journey again of learning new things that I was not aware of about financial freedom, stock markets and investments.

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