Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Our Sukiyaki Version

One of the best memories I have staying in my Aunt's house in Leeds, United Kingdon was feasting on food. His ex-husband is Thai and a chef so we really get to enjoy good thai food and even chinese food.

We love doing our version of Sukiyaki. Oh, I just can;t get enough of it every time we do this in their house. It's really fun eating like Japanese people and mixing all the seafoods, noodles and soup while grilling all sorts of meat.

Anyway, I think the pictures can show it more than my words in describing how we enjoy our Sukiyaki.

Just look at that, the chili sauce, noodles,meats,shrimps make me drool right now.

With my Aunt Minda

Nice shot of the whole group feasting on our Sukiyaki version

My husband with that big mouth saying "Can't get enough of this!"lols....

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