Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Dedon Island

It's Holy Week and I'm sure a lot of people have already made plans for their vacation but I just wanted to write a quick post about Dedon Island which is creating a buzz lately in the tourist zone.

So maybe for those who are still thinking of where to go this Holy Week or this summer, I suggest considering this island. The pictures of Dedon Island certainly paints a thousand words.

Just a short walk from the beach, with the Sea Pagoda in the distance, the infinity pool at DEDON ISLAND is the hub of resort activity.

The horizon is never far from view at DEDON ISLAND. A series of pavilions faces out to sea, as does the occasional NESTREST hanging pod.

On the southeastern tip of Siargao, the DEDON ISLAND Village nestles between ancient mangroves and the crystal blue waters of its own bay.
At the heart of the DEDON ISLAND Village, the pool is flanked by the outdoor bar and library, at left, and the dining and games pavilions.

A NESTREST lounger, hanging from a storm-bent coconut palm, inspired the DEDON ISLAND logo. In the distance, the Sea Pagoda beckons.

The all-glass front fa├žade of the Deluxe Villas opens onto the spacious master bedroom, with its lounging niches and en suite bathroom.

Guests’ first stop on arriving at DEDON ISLAND is the reception lounge, where they can relax while enjoying a cool glass of calamansi juice.

The SWINGREST hanging lounger by Daniel Pouzet is one of the first products to be created in the Outdoor Living Lab that is DEDON ISLAND.

A thriving fish sanctuary has been established around the Sea Pagoda. Resort guests can arrange for meals or drinks to be served there.

The resort’s decor is a rich blend of specially-created DEDON designs, standards from our collections and local, carved-wood pieces.

On some nights, a screen is hung between two coconut palms, and the area around the pool is transformed into a stunning, open-air cinema.

So, have you decided if you want to visit this island this summer? Oh well, I would really love to see this place and experience it, haha, just what exactly did I mean by that?

You can check their website to get more info.

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