Monday, February 4, 2013

8 Tips for Choosing the Best Career For You

It's 2013 and some of us are looking forward to make some career changes or might be thinking of how to choose the best career path to take. After all, it's worth taking time knowing what career you want to build for yourself not just for a short period of time but for a longer period of time.

A career that will last and will take you to where you really want to be. So to help you with it, I have listed some questions which might help you in choosing the best career that will fit you. Answer the questions honestly so you can come up with the right answer for the career that you might have been looking for.

1. What Natural Talents Do You Have?

We all have God given talents which are natural abilities that we possess and only needs practice to hone it and become expert on it. When we use these natural talents of ours while doing our work, work becomes fun and we enjoy every moment while doing it. It is important that we enjoy what we do especially with our work for us not to feel like we are working at all.

2. What is Your Style of Work?

What is your sense of style when it comes to work? Do you like to working in an environment where there is a specific deadlines for targets or a flexible working environment where you can hit your deadlines at your own pace? Which kind of working environment motivates you and makes you thrive for success? We may not realize it, but such questions can be a source of conflict to our career choice if we are not able to address it properly.

3. How Much Money You Want to Make?

You have to be honest here, you want the best career not just to give you self fulfilment but great money as well. This depends on your status, whether you are single making a living just for yourself or a family's breadwinner who needs to put money on the table. What is worth choosing enough to make the money you want to make in choosing the career you want?

4. How Do you Deal with Stress?

You might have a career that makes you great money but how are you coping with the stress that comes with it if it is giving you stress? There are careers that will make you lots of money but in return, will also give you lots of stress. So which is more important at stake, is it the money or the stress?

5. How is your Social Interaction?

There are careers that requires you to work in a team and socially interact with different kinds of people. How do you deal with that? If you are a person who prefers working by himself and hide from social interactions, then you have to check out the careers that does not require too much of social interaction on your part.

6. Where do you Like to Work?

With so many home based work being offered, you now have a choice where you would like to work. In an office or at home? Just make sure that it will fit the work style that you have especially when meeting deadlines and targets when you are working at home and no one is bossing around for you to finish your work.

7. How do you Balance Life and Work?

Choosing your career is not just all about work. You should also see to it that that career you are choosing will also help you balance your lifestyle and make you a well rounded person. Remember, all work and no play makes a dull life.

8. How is your Social Responsibility?

There are careers that will not just make you earn money,buy you the things that you want and give you the life that you dreamed of. There are also careers that will give you the opportunity to help other people as part of your social responsibility. The questions is how important it is to you to be able to give back while doing your job?

After asking this questions, hopefully it will help you decide what career to take and make note of all the important questions that you must ask yourself when choosing the best career for you.

But change is the only permanent thing in this world, so even if you decide to change your career in the future as time changes together with your needs for money, time, balance and recognition, just make sure that you are making the decision for yourself not as what you are told to choose.

“Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” (Confucius)

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