Monday, February 4, 2013

I Love Fashion!

I Love Fashion! I really do!......LOLS.......

I'm sure every women out there must have a thing going on with fashion. I mean it's either love, fling, intimate passion or hate for fashion, it does exist among women. But for me, I totally love fashion.

You know that feeling when you see a dress or a top that you just can't put your eyes off of it. And when you are not able to have it, then you feel as if a part of you died...hahaha....I know it is overrated, but that's what fashion is, always over rated!

Fashion is just a part of me that lets me express myself in different ways. You get to choose what to wear depending on your mood or what the occasion calls for. The clothes, shoes, accessories you wear speaks so much of what you're feeling inside that made you decide to ensemble the outfit.

You can be as loud as you want or as subtle as you want with fashion. You can play around it without getting hurt, obviously by non fashion critics.

So I have dedicated this portion for those who love fashion as much as I do. You will find here stuff on where to buy, what to buy and how to wear it. I hope you will enjoy every fashion statement  we will be making.

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