Wednesday, March 27, 2013

How To Know If Your Dreams are God's Dreams By Bo Sanchez

I just finished reading Bo Sanchez' book " How to Know if your Dreams are God's Dreams" and I could relate well with how the book has explained in knowing what God's dream is.

I have dreams that I have been able to achieve, one of which is being able to buy a house and saving up for a business when we got home here in the Philippines. But I also have dreams that are yet to be achieved. I haven't given up on achieving those dreams but there are moments that I feel like I don't really know if I can still achieve my dreams. You get into that feeling of loosing hope because you just keep on failing with everything that you do in order for you to achieve your dreams.

When we decided to leave London and go back here in the Philippines, I was so excited and I could see myself becoming a successful entrepreneur. But it did not happen. My husband and I wanted to put up a restaurant but I knew then that we did not have the enough capital yet so I opted to go for a franchise opportunity which is a food cart business. But after a few months of struggling to keep up with the business, I just had to accept that I've lost 500,000 pesos from our business. It was so hard to get over it but being the achiever and the dreamer that I was, I looked for another business opportunity that will help me recover from that financial loss from our previous business. That's how I got into MLM or network marketing. I was so decided at that time that it was the fastest way that I can get back what I have lost financially. I have been using the products anyway so I might as well learn how to do the business. But I failed again. What can I do? It was my first attempt in learning the MLM business and I was so naive with all the things that is happening in the MLM industry. As a newbie, you are told to follow your Upline because they already know what they are doing and that's what we did,only to find out that we are being used by our Upline for his own personal gains.

But you know what, it did not stop me from jumping to another MLM business opportunity. Though feeling devastated at that time, after loosing more than 300,000 pesos from the previous MLM company, I did not want to give up. I wanted to prove myself in this field. I wanted so hard to be one of the MLM top earners and be known. I wanted to be popular and see myself being praised by newbies in the MLM for earning millions and having tons of followers. 

I didn't realize at that time though if it was what I really wanted. I mean, I want to earn millions but not just to be popular but because I want to secure the future of my family especially for my children. I wanted to be in that position where I could be a leader because I want to help other people succeed as well. 

Reading Bo Sanchez book has made me realize all of this. According to his book, here are the three most
important things you need to become a great success in life: Desire, Belief, and Action.

You need to want your dream from the depths of your
soul. How intensely do you desire your dream? How
deeply do you want it to happen? Many people don’t
achieve their dreams because they don’t want it bad enough.

Belief is nothing else but a feeling of certainty. The more
certain you feel that you can accomplish your dream, the
faster you can make them a reality. Many people don’t
achieve their dreams because in their heart of hearts, they
doubt they can really do it.

Albert Einstein said, “Nothing happens unless something
moves.” Successful people aren’t the most knowledgeable
people on earth. But you can be totally sure that all of
them have a bias for action. Many people don’t achieve
their dreams because they know but they don’t act.

It made me realize that I was able to achieve my dream of buying our house because I wanted my kids to have a home. And I never stopped until I was able to achieve it because badly wanted it for my family. And my family is the most important thing in this world. I don't know where I would be right now if I don't have them. You know what, while writing this, I have tears flowing down my eyes because there are so many things I have been realizing and they are coming into my thoughts which makes my heart cry. 

With so many things that I have learned with all my business ventures and loosing huge amounts of money that could total to more than 1 Million pesos, I have certainly found what I want to do and how to do it so I can achieve my dreams for me and my family and be able to help other people as well. I love reading, writing and talking so I am using this gifts from God in achieving my dreams. I am still into MLM businesses and I have learned to venture into other types of business that allows me to have multiple sources of income.

For a time, I have lost myself and I really don't know what I want in life. I felt so confused because I am so afraid to fail again and again. But God is really good, He never failed me, He always made me feel that He's just beside me. And I think that is one of the most important lesson that this book has taught me, that my dreams should have a deeper reason why I want to achieve it and that it should be connected to my life's purpose of being able to help other people and not just myself. 

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